August 9, 2010

Bogan Day, I mean Australia Day

This is the title of a video rant posted by AngryAussie on You Tube two years ago. I missed it until I was surfing the web this week. While I don’t agree with all AngryAussie said, nor the way he said it, I laughed allot and agreed with his broad intention. If you can cope with his language, it is worth your time to watch hereOne of his rambling statements stood out for me.

Who gives a ... [toss] what you are proud of [on Australia Day]?
What have you done that Australia should be proud of you?

We have nothing to be proud of if we are not all actively engaged in building the Australia we want for the future. On Australia Day we can we can all ask ourselves – what am I doing of which I can be proud?

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