November 6, 2009

Welcome to the Australian Being blog

We have a great job at the National Australia Day Council. Our work involves communicating and organising events and activities for Australia Day on 26 January, as well as coordinating the public nominations and selections of the Australian of the Year Awards. We’re a small team of 13 working year round on these projects.

As part of our work, almost every day we talk about what it means to be Australian and what we celebrate on Australia Day. We thought it was about time to have some of these conversations with you, and get your perspective on being Australian, Australian identity, the history that has shaped us, what is great about our nation today and how we can make Australia even better in future.

The National Australia Day Council leads a network of eight state and territory Australia Day Councils and Committees and hundreds of local committees and organisers around the country. Our mission is to inspire national pride and spirit to enrich the life of the nation. We’re an non-profit, government-owned company and our operations are overseen by a board of Directors. You can see more about us at – About Us – National.

We hope you find this blog at least interesting, and maybe even thought-provoking. The one thing we ask is that if you’re going to post a comment, you be considerate and polite in your response.