December 21, 2011

Aussie Clue Cracker

From the unofficial Uluru and Surf Life Saver to the official National Flag and Australia Day, Australia has a rich array of national symbols and emblems. For a nation that often eschews the formal trappings of nationhood, we have a surprisingly impressive collection of symbols and emblems.

The NADC is pleased that mid-January we will be releasing a new digital education resource called the Aussie Clue Cracker which explores 24 national days, weeks, symbols and emblems. In playing the game we hope that students across Australia will grow their understanding of how our current symbols have been shaped by our history, and how our symbols will evolve over time.

We are delighted to publish this resource so that young Australians can learn more about their history, and in so doing shape our future.

The resource can be taught at any time in the year and will be available though and mid-January.